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National service in Israel from the Diaspora


Israel Volunteer Association Introducing Ziv – זהות ישראל והתפוצות

Our new Sherut Leumi Gap-Year program of Israel National Service for Diaspora Young Adults. Transforming Young Jews, Transforming Israel.

Israeli Volunteer Association, the founder of the Sherut Leumi program and sponsor of Ziv-זיו,is the oldest and largest non-profit that operates volunteer programs in Israel. Each year, we guide 4500 young women and men from every community and faith group to provide 12-24 months of Sherut Leumi-Israel National Service, making a most significant impact all over the country and transforming the participants. Hundreds of medical and educational institutions and farms depend on these motivated volunteers to play important roles in infrastructure and service, not as extra hands, but in responsible positions. Following their service, participants receive an official Certificate of Service and eligibility for benefits in Israel under the Discharged Soldiers Law.

Yaron Lutz has served as the CEO of the Israeli Volunteer Association since 2011. Born in the Hamizrachi neighborhood in Tel Aviv. This diverse neighborhood, with its mixing of old and new immigrants from a variety of countries and sectors, shaped his outlook on life, specifically seeing social engagement and volunteering the driving force for social resilience. Yaron studied in the Hesder Yeshiva in Kiryat Shmona and later served in the IDF Paratroopers as a combat soldier and in the Reserves. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Economy and Logistic Management; an MBA and a Teachers sertificate. Presently, he also serves as the Chair of Perach-the Directors Team Council in Israel.

"I’m Helene and I’m so glad I served as a Bat Sherut last year. All my school friends went to various seminaries in Israel for our gap year but I wanted to do something different and express my love for the land and be in the shoes of the Zionist pioneers of years ago. I worked on a farm in the Negev and made many friends. The experience taught me discipline and focus that has surely helped me now in college (and also, I now know how to grow tomatoes!). Todah Raba for this experience of a lifetime".

Ziv-זיו is now actively recruiting 100 Diaspora high school graduates for 2023-24 to provide 12 months/ 40 hours per week of Israeli National Service in their gap-year (between high school and college). Ziv-זיו participants, if accepted, will come from North and South America, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Australia, England and France and will be inspired and engaged by our Jewish heritage, today’s Zionism and Israel’s vibrant culture. Although some of our past participants made aliya at the end of the program, many returned home transformed to continue their academic studies and display pro-Israel leadership in their home communities and on university campuses.

We will arrange for an Israel B-4 visa for all participants who choose not to become Israeli citizens in advance of arrival in Israel. Medical insurance for non-Israeli citizens is not included but can be arranged for about $3. per day. Ziv-זיו provides close program supervision and guidance; accommodations in group apartments (6 per apartment with full kitchens and washers); enrichment and training often including Hebrew language instruction; free train and bus transportation; monthly pocket money; and supervised activities. Vacations and sick leave are included and a report of hours served is required weekly. Food and personal items are not included but, in certain work settings, food is heavily subsidized. Participants will be grouped in apartments to address their religious needs.

Participants will display all levels (or lack) of Hebrew language skills and they will be carefully matched to different settings depending on their language needs and interests.

The Ziv-זיו Gap-Year Advantage
Not every young person is interested or suited for a Seminary/Yeshiva Gap-Year program. This program is dramatically different as our participants are offered exciting work experiences; opportunities to explore career options, and develop important life and professional skills. Our volunteers truly experience all aspects of life in Israel. If you want to learn more or are interested in participating, email Dana Zimmerman (Paz) at

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